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Pallet Optimisation

As Fuel prices continue to rise distribution costs are representing a larger percentage of the total product cost.

One of the ways to mitigate these rising costs is to fully utilize pallet fill.

The CLF Packaging Optimisation Service can help determine how to maximize the primary and/or secondary packs on a pallet.

A Recent example

Product: Electronic Valves for Heating Systems

The Brief:

  • Primary product in Secondary Pack must be divisable by ten
  • Secondary Pack must not weigh more than a total of 12 Kgs
  • Secondary Pack must fit on a Euro Pallet with no overhang and a maximum height (including Pallet) of 1240mm.

The solution: In a matter of minutes the CLF Packaging Optimisation Service had come up with a solution that met all of the criteria.

  • Primary product achieved 120 units per outer
  • Secondary Pack weighed in total 11.041Kgs
  • Secondary Pack met all the pallet parameters and achieved an area efficiency of 95.1%

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If you feel that this service would be of benefit to your business please contact us