On the outside we may look like any
other packaging company...
But on the inside

Products and Services

Our product range in corrugated varies vastly from basic 0201 glued cases to complex die cut blanks for sophisticated machine erect systems. These include glued sleeves with die cut caps with tearaway tape for the French savoye system.

We also carry a variety of glued crashlock cartons in E flute that are particularly useful when hand packing at speed. From bulky heavy duty triple wall down to the finest of micro flutes CLF Packaging can suffice your needs.

Our solid board portfolio include six colour crashlock cartons with machine or UV varnish, machine erect postal cartons in a kraft finish and 0215 tuck in top cartons with euroslots.

We offer pre-assembled and labelled cartons/cases for direct packing rather than you the customer using expensive labour to make them up.

As well as bespoke polythene products for our customers we also supply consumable packaging products for example, pallet bags, pallet covers, drum liners as well as hand and machine pallet wrap.

As part of an all-encompassing service we offer our customers a range of bespoke and standard consumable items including a range of tapes such as machine, filament, waterproof and standard buff. Other ancillaries include bubble wrap, bubble bags and pallet strapping.


With the current climate in escalating raw material prices design has become even more critical. Designing raw material out of product without detriment to the pack has become a priority for many of our customers. CLF Packaging offer a free design service that is innovative and cost effective.

What we do for you - our mission

Our recipe for success has always been to form a partnership with our customers and then to cement that partnership through an outstanding level of customer care and attention.

CLF Packaging's flexible approach to the individual requirements of customers means that it can help solve packaging problems irrespective of the type of product.

CLF Packaging is able to give an all encompassing service by offering print and packaging design and manufacturing to customers own requirements, together with storage and on demand deliveries.